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Natural Banksia Bites provide lots of chewing fun.

These bites are off cuts of Banksia's so will include the end part of the banksia and may also include some smaller full banksia's. See Additional Information below for measurements.

Suitable for Medium to Large Birds

These are very hard and durable, so will keep you parrot chewing for hours, days, weeks!

They provide some softer and harder textures which your bird will enjoy exploring.

Can be used as foot toys for the Medium to Large birds or you can drill a hole in the middle and add them to your hanging bird toys.

They can also be used as foraging toys as you can hide treats amongst the pod openings for your bird to find.

The nuts are put through a heating process to make them mature, so you will see burnt areas on the banksia. These burnt areas are safe for your birds to chew, as charcoal is a supplement that aids in your birds health. The heating process kills anything that the nut may have been caring, so you are able to use this product strait away without having to wash them first.

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