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Your bird can indulge in a natural chewing feast!

Filled with lots of natural goodies including gumnuts, banksia, mahogany pods, crows ash, casuarina nuts and pine cones. Pod amounts will vary depending on size. 

Please note - pods on wreaths may vary to images. The small wreath now also includes two natural corks and two balsa squares. 

Hide your birds treats in between and inside some of the nuts and pods to encourage foraging. 

Hardware is Stainless Steel

Small suits Small birds.

Medium suits Medium sized birds. 

Large suits Medium to Large birds. 

Click on image size selection below to see the image of each size.

See size measurements and bird species suitability under Additional information

Packaging - This product maybe bent out of shape for packing, but can easily be bent back into a circle formation. 

Images on left of Minnie (Black Cockatoo) and PK (Macaw) on the Large size. Hayley (Alexandrine) on the Small size.

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