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This toy will keep your little birdie busy for hours!

Lots of toys within one, so will provide lots of chewing and foraging enrichment.

You can hide your birds treats amongst the vine basket, palm shredder or vine balls to make it not only a chew toy but a foraging one also.

Includes palm shredders, bamboo sticks, vine ball, colour paper shredded, vine star, wood beads, vine rings, plastic beads, open chain links and dowel perch for you to easily attach or remove. Hangs with Nickel plated Pearlink

If you don't want tot use the dowel perch it can be easily replaced to include one of our natural adjustable perches. Please see Adjustable Perches under Accessories - Perches.

Checkout image on left of Popcorn Boy enjoying his Busy Birdie Play Perch.