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Foraging behaviour accounts for the most significant time investment of the behaviours that we can observe in the daily lives of birds in the wild. In captivity, however, the conditions that many birds are kept in fail to cater for the expression of natural foraging behaviours. The result of this disparity is often an increase in abnormal or problem behaviours. The most devastating of these abnormal behaviours is feather picking. This new DVD, from US avian veterinarian M Scott Echols, examines the foraging behaviours of birds and offers some useful ideas to improve the foraging opportunities for birds and parrots kept in captivity. If you are managing a pet parrot with a feather-picking problem or would like some visual ideas to make your pet parrots indoor environment more stimulating, then this DVD will provide some very useful insights. All avian veterinary clinics should also have a copy available for clients dealing with feather destructive behaviours.

Running Time: 30 min.

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