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Made from beechwood, CHIPSI EXTRA XXL Complete Wood Granules are specially designed to meet the requirements of reptiles, birds and demanding small animals. The dust-free product is easy on the sensitive breathing organs of the animals, and ensures a natural and hygienic environment..

This is a great product for stuffing into your parrots foraging toys or foraging trays, then hide their favourite treats amongst them.

Your bird will enjoy foraging through the chipsi to find their treats and then start chewing into the chipsi like little foot toys.

100% safe and non toxic product.

Extra shipping may apply if you order 2kg or over to certain areas. Please see extra shipping info here under Extra shipping charges.

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Categories:  Large, Medium, Foraging Toys, Natural, Parrot Toys, Shredders, Toy Parts, Small, XLarge, XSmall