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Premium Diet Parrot Seed is fresh clean seed with NO shell grit included.

This seed is specially formulated for the obese parakeets and parrots, because Australian native parrots come from drought areas they normally are on a low fat diet in the wild.

Contains; Pannicum, White French, Jap, Hulled Oats & Safflower seeds.

If you want a more lower fat alternative then purchase the Diet Budgie Seed which doesn't include Safflower and suits XSmall to Large birds, see Related products below.

When we put parrots into captivity with limited exercise and fatty seeds, such as too much sunflower and safflower, we cause them to become obese, this can cause major health issues such as fatty tumors and low blood circulation etc.

This seed mixture is good for all Australian Native parrots.

If you feed an all seed diet, please also include Soluvet Vitamin mineral supplement in your birds water. Please see Related product below. Also provide your bird with fresh fruit & vegetables daily.

To keep your seed fresh we recommend storing it in the fridge.

For more information on the importance of a balanced diet, please read the following article CLICK HERE

TASMANIA CUSTOMERS – Due to Quarantine restrictions in your state, we cannot post any seed products to Tasmania.

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