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This raw pine cube comes with 1 x 22mm hole that will hold an almond in shell. Has four small holes, as toe grabs to help with holding and manoeuvring.

We use an almond in shell that fits nice and snug, making it a little hard to get into.

This toy is suited to medium to large parrots that like to chew and enjoy a challenge.

An Easy Forage Cube is also available, for those that are not big chewers or an Extreme for those that are very good chewers, please see Related products below

    • Easy is for the beginners, those birds that are not big chewers and like to access their treats easily.
    • Hard is for those that are a little more advanced and love to chew and explore
    • Extreme is for the very advanced chewers! Great for the big strong beaks like Macaws & Black Cockatoos.
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Categories:  Large, Medium, Foot Toys, Foraging Toys, Natural Toys, Parrot Toys, XLarge