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Hi, I am called “FORAGE SQUARE“, yes I know that name is a bit functional and boring, but it’s WHAT’S INSIDE THAT COUNTS!

Multi-coloured, (vegetable dyed) palm leaf ribbons. I am the bird version of an EASTER EGG HUNT! On the outside I am made out of a tough pandan mat folded in half and tied together with seagrass rope with dangles hanging off me including mahogony slices and big buttons of multi coloured (vegetable dyed) Java Wood that your birdy can hang onto or play with. Hangs with natural sisal rope loop and a strong nickel plated Qlink.

I perform even better when you hide your birdie’s FAVOURITE TREATS in me. Let’s FORAGE!

Note product may contain or develop small pieces. Supervised use recommended at all times. Also java wood timber is a strong hard timber that may contain splits.

This toy is best suited to small to medium birds.

See size measurements and species suitability under Additional Information.

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Categories:  Medium, Foraging Toys, Hanging Toys, Natural Toys, Parrot Toys, SALE, Small