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An innovative toy by Super Bird Creations.

Great for Parakeets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Conures, Ringnecks & Quakers

The Cage is Stainless Steel.

Especially made for all the little birdies!

The treat holder is filled with parrot safe colourful shredded paper for your parrot to pull, chew and destroy.

You can add your parrots favourite treats or fruit and vegetables inside the treat holder and watch your parrot search and destroy the paper to find their treats.

The treat holder does not open, so treats will need to be pushed through the side bars.

The bars on the bottom of the cage have smaller spacing then the ones on the sides to help ensure your treats stay in the cage.

Bottom bars have 7mm spacing and side bars have 16mm spacing.

This is a great foraging toy that will keep your parrot busy exploring and chewing for hours!

See size measurements & species suitability under Additional information 

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Categories:  Foraging Toys, Parrot Toys, Small, Super Bird Creations, XSmall