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Especially hand crafted by the PRC for the small guys!

Made with Stainless Steel Wire & Pearlink, Native Casuarina nuts, Gum nuts, Small Banksia and Eucalyptus timber with Paper Rope dangle at bottom.

Please note: This toy now varies to images, it no longer has metal chain at the top or leather at bottom, only extra wire and pearlink at top and paper rope instead of leather at bottom, also there is now a gumnut in the middle of the casuarinas instead of a hakea nut and a small reasonably soft Banksia nut and wood stick at the bottom. New image coming soon. 

Parrots love to chew and taste the fresh eucalyptus flavour of the nuts and timber.

See size measurements & species suitability under Additional information 

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Categories:  Naturally Wild, Hanging Toys, Natural Toys, Parrot Toys, Small, XSmall