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Coloured ball made of soft solid rubber tubing.

Your parrot will love holding the ball in their feet.

Great as a foraging foot toy too. Just hide your birds favourite nut treats inside and watch them roll and roll the ball around until they get their treat.

These are made with soft rubber so will be easily destroyed by destructive birds. 

Currently only available in the Small size approx 4.5cm dia. Small suits XSmall and Small birds

COLOUR - Small now available in TRANSPARENT, no image currently available.

Watch Cookie playing with his Nobbly Wobbly Large under Additional information. This size is not currently available.

Great idea to hang your Nobbly Wobbly with a thick strip of leather, from the top of the cage. Purchase leather strips from Toy Parts.

See size measurements under Additional Information.

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Categories:  Large, Medium, Foot Toys, Foraging Toys, Parrot Toys, Small, XSmall