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There's triple the fun with this Party Ball Cluster foraging toy.

Three paper mashay balls stuffed with colourful ribbons just waiting to be pulled out.

All balls have a small hole in them, so you can fill the balls with your birds favourtie treats.

Small suitable for Small to Medium birds

Large suitable for Medium to Large birds

Hangs with Sisal rope.

Rope can be very dangerous if it separates easily it can cause your bird to become entangled and if fibres are digested by parrots they can become very sick, as they cannot digest the fibre, so please supervise your parrot and watch toys for deterioration.

Important Note: Please read the following article on the dangers of rope and fibre click here

See size measurements under Additional information.


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Categories:  Large, Medium, Foraging Toys, Hanging Toys, Natural Toys, Parrot Toys, Small, XLarge