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Especially hand crafted by the PRC.

Made with all Stainless Steel hardware, natural eucalyptus wood, pine squares, gumnuts and strong paper rope dangles at the bottom with pine squares attached.

Will provide endless natural chewing fun!

Parrots love perches that move, so this is the ideal moving perch for your parrot!

See size measurements under Additional information

See picture of Gracie (Grey) enjoying her very well used Pine Chew Swing. Also Savvy & Shortie (Corellas) on their new swing.

Please note PINE used on swing now varies to picture, they are pine squares rather then pine dowel. See picture and video under Additional Information of Savvy & Shortie on their new Pine Chew Swing with the square pine pieces, also now includes 4 pine squares at bottom threaded with strong paper rope. 

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Categories:  Large, Medium, Naturally Wild, Hanging Toys, Ladders & Swings, Natural Toys, Parrot Toys, Swings, XLarge