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These are a great addition to your bird setup. The stands help create a totally new area for your bird to explore, play and rest outside of their cage.  They are not just a perch or a branch, but a part of a REAL TREE! 

Not only do these trees present as a beautiful piece of furniture in your house. They are also GREAT for the MENTAL and PHYSICAL WELL-BEING of your parrot.

BENEFITS include:

MORE OUT OF ENCLOSURE TIME- Encourages freedom to fly, stretch, climb and play in a safe environment.

PERCHES-There are a variety of shapes, thickness and angles of the tree branches which provides stimulation to the foot, body and mind

BOWLS- 2 polished stainless steel bowls supplied (10cm diameter x 5cm deep) removable for cleaning but do not hold water.

ENRICH - the experience by adding toys, fresh foliage, treats There are two eyelets for hanging items included

DURABLE – Java wood is a tough hard timber, so the stand will last.

WHEELS - Moving & repositioning is easy.  Reposition for sun, shade, breeze, views, change of scenery, time of day, visitors, cleaning around your floor-stand is simple with the caster wheels. 

EASY TO CLEAN: The base and java wood tree generally only needs a regular wipe with a cloth that has been dampened with water

DESIGNED BY NATURE: Nino’s Java products are SUSTAINABLY hand crafted from plantation trees and other ALL NATURAL materials. Being DESIGNED BY NATURE with minimal interference from hand crafting means that every single piece of Nino’s Java is UNIQUE in colour size and shape.


All small, medium and large trees are a similar overall size which is approximately 170cm high with branches spread over the base which is 90cm long x 60cm wide x 10cm high. The perch thickness varies between the sizes.

Small size suits XSmall & Small birds - Images S-96

Medium size suits Small to Medium birds - Images M-126

Large size suits Medium to Large birds - Images L-129

Please click on the size options below to see matching images with sizes. 



Limited Shipping - This item is only available within SE QLD or NSW Northern Rivers areas ONLY. Please do NOT order this item if you are not in these areas.

This item can either be collected from a pre arranged pickup point on the Gold Coast (pickup is only available for orders of this product) Or Delivery can be arranged for an extra fee. The time frame for delivery or pickup of this item may take up to two weeks to arrange. 

Please contact us via our contact page if you have further questions. 

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