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For refilling your Baffle Cage or Foraging toys.

This is a REFILL only.

Includes: Plastic toy parts, leather, wood bits, vine ball, gumnuts and lots more. See images for e.g items in the refill packs, items provided may vary to images. 

The picture with less items is an example of what will be provided in the Small refill and the one with more items is Large.

Some parts provided are to be threaded through the inside rod of the baffle cage to prevent them falling out.

Small Refill - approx 22 items per pack. This is suitable for Small to Medium birds - Conures, Quakers, Greys, Galahs etc

Large Refill - approx 44 items per pack. This is suitable for Medium to Large birds - Majors, Amazons, Macaws, Cockatoos etc

Go to Related products below to see the Baffle Cage Small and Large.

Refill Baffle cage Large can also be used to refill the small baffle cages, you will just have lots left over to use for future refills.

These parts can also be used to fill up your birds foraging tray or foraging buckets.

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