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What a great easy foraging toy!

For those that don’t want too much of a challenge.

Fill with your bird’s favourite treats or fruit and vegetables, mix the treats amongst some scrunched or shredded paper and watch your parrot forage.

Watch Monkey below with her Snack N Play filled with shredded paper and an Almond treat hidden inside.

Highlights of this toy:

    • Natural cotton rope and fruit flavoured wood bits
    • Fill with a tasty treat or favourite chewable
    • The toy unscrews at the bottom for easy filling.
    • Easy to clean
    • Replacement wood pieces available from PRC Toy Parts
    • Encourages: Foraging, Beak Maintenance, Preening

Innovation drives The Jungle Talk™ Treat Dispenser line. Unique treat dispenser shapes and bright colours make getting treats a fun, intriguing and challenging experience. These versatile treat dispensers can be utilized to dispense treat sticks and bites, wood chews or fruit treats.

Treat Dispensers Satisfy: Exploration, Inquisitiveness, Climbing, Grooming, Chewing

Treat Dispensers Encourage: Foraging, Mental Stimulation, Strength Building, Preening, Beak Maintenance

Treat Dispensers Discourage: Laziness, Boredom, Weight Gain, Feather Picking, Biting

Please Note: White Cotton Rope on the bottom of the toy, as seen in image is now natural brown sisal rope. Colour of toy is available in dark PINK only.