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Stainless Steel Bowl Set fits all wire cages.

Finally a bowl set that is fully STAINLESS STEEL, so this includes bowl, clamp, ring, bolts are all Stainless Steel

 These are more expensive then other bowls sets on the market, but totally worth it, due to it being all Stainless Steel!

 Secure the clamp onto your cage and pop the bowl in the holder- this may take a little more time to put into place then other bowl clamps, due to there being bolt attachments, but once the clamp is in place it doesnt have to be removed.


This bowl set is packaged and originally sold to us saying that they are Quicklock bowls, so this means they lock into the bowl holder, but due to a manufacturing fault most of the bowls easily come out of the holder, so these are no longer sold as Quicklock. We have reduced the price because of this fault and they are currently on SALE.

This bowl set is still the best bowl set available on the market, due to it being fully Stainless steel.

Remaining stock 30 oz

See ml size under Additional Information.

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