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The Claw is a great all natural foraging toy!

What more can we say? This toy has been a favorite with the PRC birds for 10 years, they love it and we finally have enough pods to start making them for our customers!

It is a toy that is what foraging for food is all about for there wild cousins and can now be brought into your birds enclosure to enjoy.

Some birds will do as little work as possible to retrieve there treat but will be engaged with this toy for some time as it certainly isn’t a easy task. With the bigger birds some have it down to a art to remove the treat while others just do what there beak is designed for and just destroy till they have obtained there treat.

This foraging toy consists of stacks of Crows ash pods that have been stacked, so that you can hide your birds treats in amoungst the pods.

These pods are 100% safe to chew and digest.

Hardware on this toy is all Stainless Steel, includes Pearlink on the Small & Medium and heavy duty QLink on Large. 

Available sizes:

Small size - includes 4 Small size crows ash. Suitable for Conures, Quakers, Alexandrines, Galahs, Greys, Amazons and similar size birds. Image of this size is not currently available.

Medium size - includes 6 Medium size crows ash. Suitable for Alexandrines, Galahs, Greys, Amazons and similar size birds.

Large size - includes 10 Large size crows ash. Suitable for the above medium birds and Cockatoos, Macaws and similar size birds.

This toy can be purchased for the smaller birds who like to crawl over their toys and explore. It is a larger toy, so if your bird is scared of large toys this toy will not suit. It will be harder for the small birds to move the pods to access their treats, so you need to add extra foraging items in between the pods to open them up more to give smaller birds access to the treats.

See photos on left of Calvin (Green-winged Macaw) & Mojo (BG Macaw) with The Claw - Large, Ned (Yellow-collard Macaw), Ruby (Eclectus) & Finnegan (Quaker) with the Medium size.

Watch video under Additional information of Ned foraging for his treats with The Claw - Medium size.

See size measurements and bird species suitability under Additional information