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These exciting Xmas stockings will add lots of Christmas fun to your birds cage.

Made with a woven sea grass base filled with xmas shredded paper with chewable toy parts hidden amoungst the paper. Your bird will have a great time ripping into the seagrass, pulling out the paper to reveal their hidden gifts!

Easily attaches to your birds cage with 2 small plastic links on the back of the small size and 1 large plastic link on the back of the Medium and 2 on the back of the Large. Once the Medium and Large stockings are hooked onto your birds cage we suggest turning the links, so the open part is touching the stocking this will ensure it stays secure to the cage and your bird doesn't pull it off.

You can hide your birds favourite treats inside the stocking to encourage foraging and lots of chewing fun!

Small suits XSmall to Small birds

Medium suits Medium sized birds

Large suits Medium to Large birds.

See size measurements and bird species suitability under Additional information

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