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This perch is infused with long-lasting Manu minerals.

Provides essential minerals for a healthy bird- this perch contains the same 9 minerals found in the natural Manu river deposit in Peru, South America.

Veterinarian tested and approved.

Jungle Secret Revealed!

High on the banks of the Manu River, flowing from the foothills of Peru's Andes to the mighty Amazon, wild birds flock to ingest the rivers natural mineral-rich clay. Now your pet bird can benefit from these mineral supplements. Infused with long-lasting mineral compounds this alternate perch provides both additional roosting and chewing opportunities.

Birds love it!

Each Mineral is present in the exact amount necessary to nutritionally balance the other foods they eat. All nine minerals are needed by birds to stay healthy.

Manu Minerials Include:

  • Calcium: Needed for strong bones, proper muscle function, and eggshell production Minerals 18%
  • Iron: Carries oxygen in the blood and needed by hens for egg production Minerals 1.8%
  • Manganese: Required for metabolism of fats and sugars; improves hatchability Minerals .10%
  • Potassium: Needed for normal heart and muscle activity Minerals .10%
  • Zinc: Needed for sexual maturity in males; involved in formation of feathers. Minerals .01%
  • Copper: Helps keep blood vessels flexible for good circulation and promotes healing. Minerals .002%
  • Magnesium: Activates Enzymes for absorption and transportation of nutrients Minerals .85%
  • Phosphorus: Releases energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Minerals .20%
  • Sodium: Aids protein absorption and maintains ionic strength of body fluids Minerals 1.2%

Select the appropriate size for your bird from the selection options below.

See actual size of each perch under Additional information.

Small - Suitable for XSmall & Small birds - Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Ringnecks, Lorikeets, Quakers and similar size birds.

Large - Suitable for Medium birds - Alexandrines, Greys, Amazons, Galahs, Eclectus and similar size birds.

XLarge - Suitable for Large birds - Cockatoos & Macaws and similar size birds. This size can also be used for Medium sized birds listed above under the Large size. 

Hayley (Alexandrine) on left perching on her XLarge Manu Mineral Perch 

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