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Nutritious Food

Nutritious healthy food including pellets, sprouts, nuts in shell, seeds, cooked food, muffins, treats and more. Variety is the key, so providing your birds with a selection of different foods, including fresh fruit & vegetables daily, will help keep your bird healthy.

Wide Selection of Toys

Large selection of bird toys to suit all size birds, including Natural, Foraging, Shredding, Training, Toy Parts and lots more. The health and safety of your birds are our number one concern, therefore the toy parts, toys and accessories that are sold by us are safe, nontoxic and of high quality. We also store and manufacture our products in clean, bird free zone areas.

Great Customer Service

We try to process and ship orders promptly, so your order will normally be processed & dispatched within approx. 2 business days. We are here to help with any questions you may have about the products we sell, special orders, help with processing your order or shipment enquires. We would like your shopping experience with us to be enjoyable, so we are open to hear any feedback you have about your shopping experience.