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The moss and lichen (white/green crust) are safe for your bird to chew and ingest.
We do have a notice on our natural perches about it and a quote and link to an article by our Avian vet, here is the quote and a link to the article.
Some perches may have moss & lichen on them, this is harmless to your bird and as quoted by Peter Wilson (Avian Vet) "They just provide extra nutritional and occupational enrichment." To read the full article on perching Click Here
The health and safety of your birds are our number one concern, therefore we manufacture our toys in clean, bird free zone areas.
All our products are kept in a sealed environment away from all birds.
All natural wood and gumnut products are cleaned and dried before used to make toys and kept in sealed rooms and containers, so that they are not contaminated by wild or pet birds.
We do not re sell returned items or pre loved toys.
Please contact us and let us know what you are after and we will try and retrieve the product for you specially. Once we source the product we will require a deposit before we place an order with our supplier.
How you introduce a toy can be important for some birds that are frightened by new toys.
Here are some tips on introducing toys for birds that are not use to toys or become frightened by some toys:
  • Hanging the toy somewhere close to the cage, so your bird can see and get use to the toy from a distance.
  • Then move the toy closer, maybe having it hang on a chair for a week near the cage and then on the outside of the cage for a week and then inside the cage.
  • When moving the toy, talk to your bird and show enthusiasm for the toy and let your bird see you play with it. Sometimes some birds will not show any interest in toys.
  • We still recommend that you provide some toys for your parrot, as it will provide some stimulation.
  • Just because your bird does not show interest in a toy straight away doesn't mean that they will never play with it. We have found that some birds will not show interest in a certain toy for several months and then all of a sudden we will find the toy destroyed.
  • We try to process and ship orders promptly, so your order will normally be processed & shipped within approx 2 business days (between Monday to Friday only) from the date payment is received. E.g. You submit your order on Monday and we will process the order Tuesday and it will ship either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how busy we are and if we pack your order before courier pickup.
    Delivery time to most areas once your parcel leaves here is approx 2 to 5 working days (Monday to Friday). Remote Areas, Rural Areas, Western Australia, Northern Territory & Tasmania may take up to approx 7 to 10 working days (Monday to Friday). Generally if you are more then one hour from a major city, you maybe classed as a Remote area.