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Dedicated parrot enthusiasts Zarita Garozzo and Jamie Carpenter are the founders of the Parrot Rescue Centre. After many years of developing a deep level of understanding about the feeding, nutrition, housing and behaviour training of parrots, Zarita and Jamie decided to focus on using their acquired knowledge to improve the lives of parrots in need of dedicated specialized care and parrots kept as pets in Australia.

They have sought to achieve this by providing an environment that caters for the individual needs of the parrots they take in, created services and programs that help support parrot owners and birds in need and also setup the PRC Shop, where for the last 17 years they have continued to source quality safe pet bird products for the birds in their care and to sell to pet bird owners.

The Parrot Rescue Centre is not a registered charity organisation, it is privately owned and funded by Zarita & Jamie, so the PRC Shop was also setup to help fund the PRC programs and services.

The Parrot Rescue Centre Shop now has its own name and website, which is Chipper Parrots.

For more information about our Parrot Rescue Centre services and programs, please visit our website at

Our Mission

Chipper Parrots is dedicated to keeping pet parrots happy (chipper), by providing quality products that are safe and fun!
Chipper Parrots is owned and run by the Parrot Rescue Centre, so your purchases through Chipper Parrots directly support the PRC services and programs.

History of Chipper Parrots

Chipper Parrots is the Parrot Rescue Centre's new shop. The PRC Shop has been around since 2004 (19 years) and we felt it was time that it had its own name and standalone website.
Everything will still be the same, with the Chipper Parrots shop supporting the Parrot Rescue Centre in every way it always has.

Why did we call the new PRC shop Chipper Parrots?

We wanted to find a name that was fun and catchy. The word chipper is another word for happy and also means “cheerful and lively” which we feel definitely describes a parrots nature.
Chipper also means “a thing that turns something into chips”, which definitely describes what a parrot does with their beaks!