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Product Hygiene

The health and safety of your parrots are our number one concern, therefore Chipper Parrots manufactures its toys in clean, bird free zone areas.

All our toy products are kept in a sealed environment away from all parrots.

All natural wood and gum nut products are cleaned and dried before used to make toys and kept in sealed rooms and containers, so that they are not contaminated by wild or pet parrots.

We do not re sell returned items or used toys. 


Bird & Toy Size 

Please ensure you always purchase toys that are suitable to the size of your parrot. Some materials that are made for small parrots are easily broken by larger parrots and can cause injury.

We do specify in each category which toys suit certain species, but this is only a guide. If your bird is a destroyer like some Macaws and Black Cockatoos, please supervise your parrot when introducing new toys, and ensure they do not harm themselves with broken pieces of plastic or metal etc.

We have found through testing of toys with lots of species, that some birds are more destructive then others even within the same species, so it is important that you know the level of destructiveness of your bird, as just because a toy is listed as suitable for your bird species doesn’t mean that it will not be destroyed easily.

Most toys are designed to be destroyed and unfortunately some are destroyed quicker than others by some birds, but remember A Toy Destroyed is a Toy Enjoyed!

A guide to size of parrot indication list below:

XSmall: Lovebirds, Budgies, Finches and Cockatiels

Small: Plum heads, Ringnecks, Quakers, Conures, Hahns Macaws, Lorikeets, Caiques and Rosellas

Medium: Galahs, Corellas, Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Alexandrines,  and Major Mitchells

Large: Blue & Gold Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Gang Gangs, Black Cockatoos and Long Billed Corellas

XLarge: Greenwing Macaw


Toy Materials

All toy parts and toys that are sold by Chipper Parrots are safe, nontoxic and of high quality.

Chipper Parrots does not sell cheaply made toys and dangerous products.

We fully assess each product before adding it to the shop and if it is unsafe we will not sell the product or we will make adjustments to the toy to make it safe. 

Please see further details below on toy parts Chipper Parrots uses on our toy range and also we try to only sell toys from other manufactures that use the same types of high quality materials;

Wood: is all untreated natural or pine timber. Some of the bird toy wood parts we sell have been dyed. We only use food safe vegetable dye on all our wood. All the natural timber is from safe Australian native trees and it has been cleaned, dried and then kept in a sealed environment in a bird free zone area.

Australian Nuts & Pods: These are from Australian Native trees and have been dried, so they are no longer fresh. They are 100% safe and natural product.

Hardware: is either Stainless Steel or Nickel plated (both types are 100% safe for birds) Nickel plating does rust over time if it is left in wet environments, so once it starts to rust it will need to be replaced.

Rope: Cotton rope and Sisal rope are untreated. Rope is not a safe product to give to your birds if they like to chew at it and maybe digesting it, as birds cannot digest rope fibre (natural sisal or cotton) Please read the following article on this link for further information Click here

Leather: We use vegetable tanned leather that is 100% safe, natural and durable.

Poly Rope: Poly Pro Rope is polyethylene rope manufactured under strict guidelines for use in the Avian Industry. A special manufacturing process yields a "tight braid" with no memory, which helps prevent entrapment and limb strangulation. Poly Pro Rope is non toxic and has been used in the pet industry for more than a decade with an excellent safety record.

Seagrass: Is a type of plant that grows in the ocean, so will have traces of salt. This is a 100% safe natural product that is untreated. 

Vine: Is a type of grass that has been dried. This is a 100% safe natural product that is untreated.

Plastic: is a very safe product for your bird, due to the the process it goes through to be made. If your plastic parts are starting to look old and have a bad smell, then we suggest replacing them. 


Toy Safety

The greatest care is taken when making Chipper Parrots toys to ensure that they are safe and non-toxic, but no toy is 100% safe, so it is vital that you monitor your birds when introducing new toys.

Here are some basic guidelines for toy safety that you should be aware of when purchasing toys for your birds: 

  • Purchase toys to suit the size of your parrot.
  • Check toy for wear and tear and remove when deteriorating.
  • Ensure that you do not provide toys that are rusty or cheaply made, as your parrot could end up with poisoning or injury.
  • Rope fibre cannot be digested by parrots, so please ensure that you include other toys for your parrot to chew around rope perches and toys.
  • Continually monitor your rope perches and toys to ensure safety.
  • If you feel that your parrot is eating rope fibre then please do not provide them rope toys or perches.
  • Parrot toys are made to be destroyed by your parrot, but it is vital that you watch your parrot to make sure that they are not ingesting any of the plastic, rope or metal parts on toys. Always look on the bottom of the cage for the missing parts to ensure your bird is not digesting parts.
  • Make sure there are no fibres hanging loose that can cause entanglement of your birds body parts. Entanglement can cause amputation of parrots feet and toes etc.
  • Metal parts should only be made from Nickel plating or Stainless Steel. Please avoid Zinc plated items, as they are toxic to birds.
  • Split key rings that are used to hang toys are dangerous, if the bird splits apart the ring they can get their tongue or toe caught between where it splits. Split key rings should not be used on any bird toys, only unwelded rings are safe when closed tightly
  • Childrens toys that are connected together with screws are dangerous for parrots. Parrots have been known to split the toys apart and get their tongue and toes caught.
  • And don't forget A Toy Destroyed is a Toy Enjoyed!

For more toy safety information please CLICK HERE 


Toy Introduction

How you introduce a toy can be important for some birds that are frightened by new toys. Here are some tips on introducing toys for birds that are not use to toys or become frightened by some toys:

  • Hanging the toy somewhere close to the cage, so your bird can see and get use to the toy from a distance.
  • Then move the toy closer, maybe having it hang on a chair for a week near the cage and then on the outside of the cage for a week and then inside the cage. 
  • When moving the toy, talk to your bird and show enthusiasm for the toy and let your bird see you play with it.
  • Sometimes some birds will not show any interest in toys. We still recommend that you provide some toys for your parrot, as it will provide some stimulation.
  • Just because your bird does not show interest in a toy straight away doesn't mean that they will never play with it. We have found that some birds will not show interest in a certain toy for several months and then all of a sudden we will find the toy destroyed.
Toy Importance 
Why toys are important? CLICK HERE 


Toy Requests

Do you have a parrot toy or accessory which you would like and we do not have listed on our online store? 

Please contact us and let us know, we will try and retrieve the product for you specially.

We design and make some of our toys by hand, so any special designs can be requested.