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All Natural Seed Pods & Slices!

Provides lots of chewing fun.

Great for adding to your hanging toys or as foot toys.

The Pods are a good size for all size birds if drilled and added to hanging toys, but as foot toys they suit the Medium to Large birds, as it is easy for them to hold and man-oeuvre. 

The Slices & Pieces are great chewing foot toys for all sized birds, some of them can be drilled and added to hanging toys.

Approx quantity for the Slices & Pieces, please note this may vary, as some are pieces and some lighter then others.

Slices 25g approx 18 pieces

Slices 125g approx 90 pieces

Slices 250g approx 180 pieces.

See approx size measurements for the Pods and Slices & Pieces under Additional information.