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This Stainless Steel holder is a great way to hang your millet sticks or even fill with your birds fruit and vegetables or nuts in shell to add a little more foraging fun into your birds daily activities.

Benefits of this great holder are:

    • High quality Stainless Steel
    • Holds Millet and a large variety of treats & fruit snacks
    • Fits any cage
    • Dishwasher safe.

See measurements under Additional information.

This holder is made with very strong 2.5mm stainless wire, so will withstand most beaks. We have not trialed this item with Macaws, so we are unsure at present if it will suit their large strong beaks.

CAUTION - Please note this toy may pose a danger to small birds who try to enter the spiral, we recommend that it only be used under supervision and that it is removed once empty. 

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Categories:  Large, Medium, Accessories, Foraging Toys, Fruit Kabobs, Parrot Toys, Small, XSmall