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Natural 100% safe chewable Australian Native rough bark timber and metal connection that enables the perch to be attached to inside of cage.

Rough bark perching is great for your birds feet, giving them a nice soft padding, helps file their nails and provides lots of chewing enrichment!

Natural Perches are made to suit your size parrot, so please indicate size of parrot below under size options.

Example diameter sizes and species suitability below. All perches are approx sizes, so they may vary slightly under or over measurments given. Measurments include the bark. 

All perches are approx 30cm long.

XSmall: Cockatiels, Budgies, Lovebirds. (Dia size approx 1cm to 2cm dia) XSmall birds can also use Small & Medium Perches.

Small: Conures, Ringnecks, Quakers. (Dia size approx 2cm to 3cm dia) Small birds can also use XSmall & Medium Perches

Medium: Eclectus, Galahs, Corellas, Alexandrine, Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos & Macaws. (Dia size approx 3cm to 4cm dia) Medium Birds can also use Large perches

Large: Cockatoos, Macaws etc (Dia size approx 4cm to 5cm dia) Large birds can also use Medium perches.

XLarge: Cockatoos, Macaws etc (Dia size approx 6cm to 8cm dia)

Comes in a set of 2 and we will provide you with varied sized perches in each size category and sizes will depend on availability. Parrots need different widths in perch size to help with grooming nails and will cushion your birds feet to prevent bumble foot. Also perches are not always straight, some will have slight curves.

Washers provided are 3.8cm dia for XSmall, Small and Medium perches and Large & XLarge perches 5cm dia washers, Please see below to purchase washers seperately under Toy Parts - Hardware or Related Products below. 

Washer's and eyelet are Stainless Steel, but the bolt that goes into the perch is zinc plated, so we recommend that you attach your perch inside the cage, so the bolt is kept outside of the cage, where your bird cannot access/play with it.

Perch Hardware kits are also available that enable you to make your own perch. The kits are available in all Stainless steel parts.

Some perches may have moss & lichen on them, this is harmless to your bird and as quoted by Peter Wilson (Avian Vet) "They just provide extra nutritional and occupational enrichment." To read the full article on Perching Click here.

All perches are cleaned with Avi Care and then dried, so they can be used straight away. Sometimes you still may encounter bugs on the timber, as it is a natural product and they are sometimes living inside the timber. These bugs are harmless to your birds, but if you are concerned then just put the perches in the freezer overnight.

Perch Placement Ideas:

    • Adjustable perches can be added to anywhere in your parrots cage.
    • You can position them in a ladder formation
    • Can be placed near food dishes for easy removal and cleaning.
    • Place one up high in the cage so your parrot has a high place to roost at night.

Check out the images and video of birds enjoying their Natural perches. Video is under Additional Information