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Mixed bag of Natural dried Australian Native Nuts and Pods provides lots of chewing fun for your parrots!

Mixes includes Eucalyptus Gumnuts, Hakea, Casuarina, Melaleuca, Banksia & lots more. Mix will vary depending on seasonal availability and size of mix selected.

Now available in two mix sizes to suit different sized birds, Small/Medium and Medium/Large. 

Small/Medium mix includes predominately small to medium size nuts and pods and suits Small to Medium sized birds, but can be given to Large birds too. The mix can be seen in image once you select this size option below. There will also be Banksia nuts included in this mix, but they will be a softer and smaller type Banksia to suit the smaller beaks.

Medium/Large mix includes all sized nuts and pods (small, medium and large) and suits Medium to Large sized birds. Also includes Banksia nuts in mix, these will be varied sized Banksia's.

Approx 1 Banksia will be included per 250g for each mix size e.g 1kg mix will include approx 4 Banksia's.

These nuts & pods have been through a heating process to kill any bacteria/germs, so can be used straight away and are a 100% safe digestible product

Provide the mix of nuts in a foraging tray, as can be seen in one of our customer images on the left and your bird will enjoy choosing & chewing from all the different textures and tastes.

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