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Watch your clever birds untwist the nuts from the bolts.

Made from semi hard plastic.

COLOURS - we try alternate colours, as seen in the image, but some colours of the nut and bolt will be matching (e.g nut and bolt both green) due to limited colours provided by supplier.

If you select Matching Colours x 4 then you will receive 4 different colours with the bolt and nut matching e.g bolt red and nut red. See image when you select this option for an example.

Please note this plastic may be easily destroyed by the destructive parrot, especially large parrots such as Cockatoos and Macaws, but they will enjoy destroying them! 

See size measurements and bird species suitability under Additional information.

Check out Rio in images enjoying his Nut & Bolt. Customer Feedback: "He goes crazy over your nuts and bolts."

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Categories:  Large, Medium, Bulk Toy Parts, Foot Toys, Parrot Toys, SALE, XLarge