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Strong plastic assorted shapes and colour buttons.

Great for adding onto toys or sewing onto your jumper or shirt that your bird likes to chew and play on!

These buttons come in different standard shapes and colours. Eg Triangles, squares, circles, hearts, hexagon, flower, ovals, stars etc.

Comes in different sizes and textures. Small is available in Opaque & Glossy. Large is available in Opaque & Transparent.

Glossy Small Colour - only currently available in Blue, Green & Yellow

Comes in different quantity packs, some types may not be available in certain quantities, so when they are selected it will not have an "add to cart" button e.g Large Transparent are available in 30 packs, but if you select 120 the "add to cart button will not show, as this type is not available in 120 packs.

See size measurements and species suitability under Additional Information.