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Strong quality Stainless Steel parrot toy kit.

Fill it easily with wood, leather and beads then attach O Rings to stop toy parts falling off.

You will need to have two pairs of pliers to open and close o rings.

Small: 30cm long 1.6mm Stainless steel chain, 3.5cm Pear link and 1 x 15mm O Ring. Toy part holes in wood and plastic beads need to be at least 6 mm round.

Suitable for XSmall and Small birds

Large: 30cm long 2mm Stainless steel chain, 40mm Quick Link and 2 x 25mm O Rings. Bottom O ring will be attached and top O ring and link will need to be attached once parts have been added.

Suitable for Small, Medium & Large Birds

You can let your imagination run wild by adding your own choices of wood, plastic and leather pieces!

Dishwasher safe, Rust resistant and very strong.