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What Are the Individual Foraging Components?

The system is made up of two distinctively different types of devices all are easy to use and economical.

  1. Destructible (shredable) chipboard boxes with interior honeycomb insert. Boxes and honeycomb inserts are made from USDA approved chipboard an eco-friendly, biodegradable material. All boxes are free of glue and / or any toxins that might be harmful to a pet bird. The box is heavy enough to maintain its configuration but must be torn apart to gain access to the entire content. Parrots chew into the box to find food, having discovered the food source they continue chewing thru the honeycomb to access additional food.
  2. Boxes are housed in a high impact resistant, clear polycarbonate holding device. Box holders are available in either a vertical or horizontal configuration. A mounting bracket attaches the holding device to any cage with bar spacing of 3/8 to 11/4. Once the mounting bracket is installed you simply unsnap the box holder, remove and replace the used box with a refill. Increase foraging opportunities by using multiple forage feeding boxes installed in different locations, position devices so that some are more difficult than others to access and change locations frequently. These boxes may be filled with your choice of food products pellets, dried fruit, shelled nuts, sliced vegetables or etc.

The treat box is an easy way to introduce parrots to concept of working for food. Do not be surprised if the birds first reaction is to destroy the box. Parrots learn to forage by observing the behavior of their parents and / or other members of their flock; this option is obviously not available to pet birds. Patience may be required, by tearing a bit of the chipboard away the parrot will be able to identify the box as a food source.

Small is suitable for XSmall to Small birds

Large is suitable for Small to Large birds. 

See size measurements under Additional information 

Includes: Holder only, NO boxes are provided you must order these separately, please go to Toy Parts - Refills or Related product below. 

CFS Horizontal Kits are also available and come in two different sizes, they include a number of free refill boxes.