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Parrots love to hold things in their feet to chew on, so foot toys help fill that need.

This foot toy is made from tightly woven palm leaf and filled with a variety of natural fibres.

Each toy is woven with different colours and in a different pattern which gives them each a different texture. These different textures will keep your bird exploring all angles of this toy.

Small comes in a pack of 3 different cylinder foot toys.

Large comes as a cylinder foot toy and comes in 3 different colours, so colour provided may vary.

The Large size can be used as a hanging toy for small birds by threading a strip of wire through the toy.

Provides chewing fun and stimulation.

Image of Rexy (Yellow Tail Black Cockatoo) enjoying his Small size foot toys. 

See size measurements and bird species suitability under Additional information

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Categories:  Large, Medium, Planet Pleasures, Foot Toys, Natural Toys, Parrot Toys, Small, XLarge