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Easy Perch Holder Large - Australian Registered Design no. 201816197

The Easy Perch Holder makes changing your natural perches in your birds cages and aviaries really quick and easy.

The Easy Perch Holder is made from super strong poly carbonate plastic and comes in two sizes, Small which holds up to a 38mm Perch and Large which holds up to a 65mm Perch.

The product has been tested on some of the strongest beaks, Blue & Gold Macaws, Yellow Tail & Red Tail Black Cockatoos, Gang Gang Cockatoos, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Alexadrines for over a year with no damge to these products yet.

The Easy Perch Holder - Large Pair x 1 comes in a set of 2, so 2 single holders that holds one perch.

This size is suitable for Medium to Large Parrot Cages & Aviaries and Medium to Large Birds, see list of species below under Additional information.

Also available in SMALL size, see Related Products below.


  • It is now so quick and simple all you have to do is decide where you want to position the holders, put the holders in position, wind the holding clamp on to the 316 stainless steel bolt until firm, excessive force is not required.
  • Cage bar spacing for the Easy Perch Holder Large should be no more then 55mm wide.
  • Grab your tape measure between the two vertical surfaces and minus half a centimetre (or a quarter of a inch for you guys who use imperial) for a loose fit or cut it tight for a snug fit.
  • Cut your perches to your measurements and simply place them in the holders. Job done then watch your parrot chew into your Perches and remove all the bark, which is some of the best enrichment you can give your parrot.
  • New perches provide both physical and mental stimulation and some even say nutritious as they may find some tasty morsels amongst the bark/ wood.
  • Fresh new perches can also provide a little cushioning on your parrots feet to help prevent or manage bumble foot.
  • Perches of varying thicknesses also help stimulate your parrots foot muscles and help prevent excessive rubbing if there foot is always curled around a Perch in the same position. So please no dowel perches.

Benefits of the Easy Perch Holder:

  • Holds up to 65mm diameter perch or 2 1/2 inch perch
  • Super tuff poly carbonate plastic
  • 316 stainless steel bolt
  • Can position anywhere in enclosure
  • Just cut Perch to length and place in holders
  • No fixings or screws required for Perch
  • Makes changing perches quick and easy
  • Made in Australia
  • Dishwasher safe - top shelf
  • Easy to move and reposition

The Easy Perch Holder - Large Pair x 1 comes in a set of 2, so 2 single holders. Large Pair x 2 comes with 2 sets, so 4 single holders.

Discounts are provided when ordering more then one set. e.g Large x 2 will give you 2 sets, so 4 single holders and you save $0.80c by purchasing more then one set. The more sets you purchase the more you save.

PACKAGING NOTE: If you order more then one set of holders you will only receive one packaging card and the remaining holders will be loose.

For INTERNATIONAL orders please email us your order at