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The Flying Trapeze is a great moving swing, play gym and sleeping bed for your small birds!

Made from a hanging seagrass mat which is suspended with colorful chain and decorated with an array of hard plastic beads, textured star shapes, plastic links, and soft spiked plastic balls. There is a medium wiffle ball hagning in the centre of the swing which is stuffed with crinkle paper to add some extra foraging fun!

This is a great swing, play gym and sleeping bed that will provde your bird lots of stimulation and fun!

See Additional information for full measurements and species suitability.

Check out Monty (Cockatiel) on his Flying Trapeze - Customer feedback: "Just wanted to send you this pic of a very happy boy, Monty, in his medium trapeze. He’s so in love with it, he usually only leaves to partake in his favourite activity - eating!"