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Foraging Interactive Bird Toys are designed to really get your bird actively playing and foraging for hours.

This device is comprised of 4 two inches square cubes stacked one over the other, two have slide outdoors (which should be slide out to be filled with treats, your parrot will eat the treats through the grooves on two of the compartments) and two have pull out drawers, each cube opens from a different side.

You can easily reposition the cubes and or the openings to continue stimulating the parrots interest. The parrot must stand on one foot, hold the device steady with the other and open the door or drawer with his beak to collect the food items.

The 2 x 2 Stack devise requires extremely good balance and coordination. The parrot must have enough experience and self confidence to know that thru his hard work he will find a reward.

Use a combination of favorite familiar food items mixed with something new.

Due to the effort required the parrot should be rewarded with something he enjoys and because of that effort he will be more receptive to something new.

Constructed from polycarbonate plastic, Stainless Steel skewer and Nickel plated Quick link.

See Additional information for size measurements. 

NOT suitable for birds that are highly destructive parrots.