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Foraging Bin corrugated cardboard Refills. 

This is a REFILL only..

Add another dimension with corrugated cardboard cut to fit inside your foraging bin or baffle cage. Your parrots will throughly enjoy ripping through the soft cardboard to reach whatever goodies you have hidden inside.

You can even just fill the inside with as much cardboard as you like and watch your bird go to work destroying whatever length of the roll you place inside.

Small Foraging Bin uses approx 22cm

Medium Foraging Bin uses approximately 31cm 

Large Foraging Bin uses approximately 39cm

Available in 4 sizes - Approx width only

75mm x 1.2 meters, will do 5 refills for Small size and 4 refills for Medium size - please note 75mm does not go all the way to the top of the medium size bin. 

75mm x 5.2 meters, will do 19 Refills for Medium size and 22 Refills for Small size

140mm x 1.2 meters, will do 3 refills for Large size

140mm x 5.2 meters, will do 13 refills for Large size

Sold in pre cut 1.2 metre or 5.2 metre lengths only.

This product is a Refill only, see Related products below for Foraging Bins. 

This product can be used for Baffle Cages also, 75mm for Small size and 140mm for Large size.