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The Foraging Puzzle Cube will keep the smart forager busy for hours!

This toy is made from strong plastic and includes 6 different colour detachable sides. 

Remove one of the sides and fill with treats and then watch your bird try remove the treats through the 6 holes and the strong smart forager will remove one side to reveal their treats. 

Please note it will be hard for your bird to remove the sides, so to start you might want to leave one side off and stuff your birds treats inside with paper. 

This toy could also be stuffed with shredded paper and you can encourage your bird to remove the paper. 

Can also be added to hanging toys to add colour and texture, your bird will enjoy exploring all the grooves. 

Caution: Even though this toy is made from hard plastic, large and destructive birds will destroy this easily. 

See size measurements and species suitability under Additional Information.