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Cute little maraca for the little birds!

This little maraca makes lots of noise when given a shake.

Your little bird can easily hold the end of the maraca and you can teach them to shake it.

Made from hard plastic, hollow inside. This product does vary slightly from the image provided as it comes with NO hole drilled. 

5 pack will receive the 5 different colours, as seen in image. 

CAUTION: Maybe easily broken by medium to large birds and destructive small birds, generally only suitable for non destructive XSmall & Small birds, see bird species suitability and size under Additional info.

Check out Link the Eclectus parrot on the right enjoying his Happy Face Maraca rattle, this foot toy is NOT generally recommended for this size bird. 

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Categories:  Foot Toys, Parrot Toys, Plastic, Toy Parts, Small, XSmall