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This perch is infused with long-lasting Manu minerals.

Provides essential minerals for a healthy bird.

Birds love it!

Jungle Secret Revealed!

High on the banks of the Manu River, flowing from the foothills of Peru's Andes to the mighty Amazon, wild birds flock to ingest the rivers natural mineral-rich clay. Now your pet bird can benefit from these mineral supplements. Infused with long-lasting mineral compounds this alternate perch provides both additional roosting and chewing opportunities.

Select the appropriate size for your bird from the selection options below.

See actual size of each perch under Additional information. 

Small - Suitable for XSmall & Small birds - Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Ringnecks, Lorikeets, Quakers and similar size birds.

Medium - Suitable for Medium birds - Alexandrines, Greys, Amazons, Galahs, Eclectus and similar size birds.

Large - Suitable for Medium to Large birds - Alexandrines, Greys, Amazons, Galahs, Eclectus, Cockatoos and Macaws.  

Small, Medium & Large come with an option either plastic washers or stainless steel washers all include metal bolt and wingnut. 

Small & Medium plastic and stainless steel washers are 3.8cm dia and Large are 5cm dia.

Hayley (Alexandrine) on left perching on her Manu Mineral Perch