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This selection of mixed nuts makes your shopping easy!

You only have to select one size bag and get a mixed range of all the nuts we sell in one selection.

Mixed nuts includes a mix of Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pecans and Walnuts - quantities of each type depends on pricing, so some nut types will be less than others in the mix.

E.g photo attached of 500g mix.

Bulk Option - There is a selection option now to purchase 1kg of each type of nut, which will include 1kg of each of the 4 different nuts, so 4kg in total. These nuts will not be mixed together, they will be kept in their separate 1kg bags. 

This selection is for the larger birds, as it includes alot of the harder nuts that smaller birds cannot break. You can still purchase them for the smaller/medium birds and slightly crack the harder ones if your bird cannot get into them. This makes your bird work a little harder to forage for their nut rather then just giving it to them out of the shell.

All our nuts are human grade, so can be eaten by you. They are very yummy!