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Hang from the top of the cage and watch your bird hang, twist and swing of the chain.

These rainbow chains will add some beautiful colour to your birds cage.

Made from hard plastic, but destructive birds may break them. 

Great for Ringnecks, Quakers, Conures, Galahs, Amazon’s, Greys and similar size birds. 

Rainbow Chain Link comes in two link sizes.

Small link -19cm long x 14mm wide x 4mm thick - comes in 1 metre length only.

Large link - 31mm long x 19mm wide x 5mm thick - comes in 3 sizes 15cm, 30cm long and 60cm long. Can be joined together to make longer lengths. 

Large link - make your own - this is loose chain links that you can link together to make your own chain. 80 pieces included, 8 colours (10 of each colour provided). Approx 1.5m long when assembled.

Rainbow Twisted Link comes in one size and length

Small Twisted Link - approx 1m long x 2cm dia

See measurements and species suitability under Additional information.