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These perches have a nice smooth texture to protect the pads of your parrots feet and a rough texture on the sides to keep their nails trim.

They are made from strong light weight plastic, easy to clean, non-toxic, plastic safety cap to mount perch with no metal and can be used on horizontal or vertical cage bars. 

These perches are great around food areas, as they are easy to clean and you can guarantee your parrot will sit on it.

It is also important to incorporate a mixture of other textured perches in your parrots cage to keep your birds feet and legs stimulated and healthy.

Approx Size Guide: Please double check size measurements under Additional Information to ensure correct perch sizing is purchased for your bird, as birds feet may vary in size to guide. We do not allow returns or refunds on this product. 

Extra Small - Budgies, Lovebirds, Finches and other similar size birds.

Small - Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Ringnecks, Hahns Macaw, Caquies, Lorikeets and other similar size birds.

Medium - Galah, Alexandrine, Greys, Amazons, Eclecuts, Small Cockatoos and other similar size birds.

Large - Eclectus, Major Mitchells, Amazons, Greys, Large Cockatoos, Macaws and other similar size birds.

XLarge - Cockatoos, Macaws and other similar size birds.

See size measurements of each perch under Additional information.

IMAGES on left - Eclectus is sitting on a Large Pumice Perch and the Green-winged Macaw (Jester) is on a XLarge Pumice Perch.