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In the wild birds go about their business on branches that move around and birds are able to move seamlessly within this wobbly environment.

The bungee helps replicate this environment and provides lots of moving with both physical and mental stimulation involved which helps keep your parrot busy and active throughout the day.

Colours may vary to picture.

Small suits XSmall to Small birds

Medium suits Small to Medium Birds

Large suits Medium to Large Birds. 

Measurements (approximate)

Small - approx. 1.2m long unravelled x 2cm diameter sisal rope

Medium - approx. 1.8m long unravelled x 2cm diameter sisal rope

Large - approx. 2.4m long unravelled x 2.5cm diameter sisal rope

Hardware on this item is made from Nickel plating and wire is galvanized metal. This Boing is suitable for inside cage setups only as the nickel-plated Q Link and bell will rust if in the rain and weather.

CAUTION - small bell at bottom will be easily destroyed, so please remove if your bird is destructive. 

See Additional information for species suitability list and size measurements.