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All Natural!

Provides lots of chewing fun for the extra small birds.

Great for adding to your small hanging toys or foot toys.

These are very light weight and soft, so great for the little birds beaks!

Made with the soft, spongy tissue in the stems of the Sola plant.

Four types available: 

Comes in varied weight sizes. There will be varied numbers in packs due to each piece being different. May include some broken slices. 

Mini Square - approx 12 to 20mm square x 6mm thick - 5g approx 70 to 80 pieces

Small Square - approx 15 to 25mm square x 10mm thick - 5g approx 30 to 40 pieces

Round with skin - approx 15 to 20mm dia x 10mm thick  - 10g approx 55 pieces

Round coloured - Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple - approx 12 to 25mm dia x 10mm thick - 10g approx 60 pieces

Please note most of the slices have holes (approx 2mm), but some do not, as the hole is in the slice due to it being the core of the plant.

This is a natural product, so will not be perfect in appearance, shape, colour & size.

This product is safe, non toxic and biodegradable.

See approx size measurements under Additional information.