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Premium Sprouting Seed adds extra nutritional value to your parrots diet.

You must only leave sprouted seed in your parrots cage for no longer than a day.

Instructions on how to sprout seed will be included inside the bag of seed.

Ingredients: Wheat, G/S Sunflower, Barley, Feed Oats, Safflower, Mung Beans and Sorghum.

Sprouter available under Accessories - General

Product from Breeders Choice Seeds - The clean seed people

Dust and husk removed for healthy nutrition.

Made from Australian natural seeds and nutrients. Protein and vitamin enriched


· Wheat
· G/S Sunflower
· Barley
· Feed Oats
· Safflower
· Mung Beans
· Sorghum

General Information:

· All Products are purchased from Australian Farmers

TASMANIA CUSTOMERS – Due to Quarantine restrictions in your state, we cannot post any seed products to Tasmania.

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