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These stainless steel coop cups with clamp easily attach to the side of your birds cage with two brackets and a wingnut on the outside.

The bowl (coop cup) is Stainless steel, the metal holder & clamp are nickel plated and bolt is galvanized. The wingnut that normally comes with this item has been replaced with a Stainless steel wingnut. 

The bowl can easily be removed from the inside of the bird cage once the attachments have been added to your cage.

Spare bowls are available, see bowl only options below. 

Caution - Bowls are only made with lightweight metal, so may split over time or break with rough birds. 

Currently available in 5oz (148ml), 10 oz (300ml), 20 oz (591ml) and 30 oz (887ml).

Please choose the size bowl that will suit your size bird.

5oz & 10oz are suitable for Xsmall and Small birds.

20oz & 30oz are suitable for Medium to Large birds, Xsmall and Small birds can use these as bathing bowls.

If your bird likes to flip their bowls, then we would suggest the bowls with a locking system, see Quick lock bowls.

See size measurements under Additional Information.