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NEW Stainless Steel Skewers!

10% OFF introductory special. 

These 304 grade Stainless Steel Skewers are an awesome way to get your parrot foraging and investigating food on a skewer.

Stack it full of chewable toy parts or edible fruit & vegetables to encourage natural, healthy behaviours. Long lasting, reusable and proven as a highly effective enrichment tool for companion and aviary parrots.

Heavy duty will withstand rough play.

Stainless steel care & cleaning-dishwasher safe, use a scourer or wet & dry sandpaper to remove any rust stains. Wash before use.

These skewers are the best on the market.

Fully welded 304 grade Stainless Steel

These are great for toy bases

Measurements (approximate)

Mini -  Hangs 19.8cm, diameter 3.5mm, usable skewer 11.8cm, hangs with Pear link 

Small - Hangs 28cm, diameter 3.5mm, usable skewer 20cm, hangs with Q link 

Medium - Hangs 37cm, diameter 5mm, usable skewer 27.5cm, hangs with Q link 

Large - Hangs 46cm, diameter 5mm, usable skewer 35.5cm, hangs with Q link 

Extra Large - Hangs 54cm, diameter 5mm, usable skewer 43.4cm, hangs with Q link