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A Blend of 15 Natural, nutrient rich and organic sprouts and seeds.

Serve with pellets, on its own, mixed with fresh chop or use as a foraging tool

Sprouting Instructions are on the packet label. 


Adzuki beans, Alfalfa seeds, Blue peas , Broccoli
seeds, Brown mustard seed, Chickpea, Clover
seeds, Fenugreek seed, French green lentils, Mung
beans, Radish seds, Raw buckwheat, Red lentils,
Sunflower Seeds, Wheat grain.
(Store In A Cool, Dry Place)

Evie & Co was created to give bird owners a varied food source for their feathered friends.

Their blends contain organic, human food grade ingredients with no added preservatives.

The variety included in these mixes will enthral your bird and allow them the enjoyment of every mouthful bringing new tastes and textures. They believe in a varied diet for their bird and Evie & Co wish to share that with every other bird!

Evie & Co are an Australian company locally based on the Gold Coast.