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Bottom’s up has three strong plastic cups that are closed with plastic spinning wheels.

You can hide your parrot’s favourite treats in the cups.

Your parrot can easily lift the wheel top to retrieve their food treat.

The toy also includes jumbo plastic beads, plastic ferris wheels and an optional bell at the bottom. Hang’s with small pear link. All hardware is Nickel plated, except for some of the optional bells. 

If the parts of this toy are destroyed by your bird you can easily purchase the same refill toy parts from the toy parts section of the shop.

BELL NOTE - we are now providing an option for bells on this toy, either no bell, Mini Nickel plated bell (25mm dia x 25mm tall), Small Nickel plated bell (32mm dia x 33mm tall) or Stainless steel Large bell (48mm dia x 45mm tall)

This is a great foraging toy that will keep your parrot busy exploring!

Watch video under Additional Information  of Lucky with his Bottoms up

See images on left of Riot & Saga enjoying their Bottoms up and also Charlie a Green cheek conure.

See size measurements and species suitability under Additional information.

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Categories:  Medium, Foraging Toys, Parrot Toys, Small, XSmall